Criteria for Accessing grants from SATF

  • If the organization is registered in Tanzania
  • If the organization has a constitution
  • If the organization has a bank account and backed up by a sound accounting system
  • If the organization has been established and operating actively for at least 3 years
  • If the organization has experience of assisting orphans and vulnerable children for not less than 3 years

What Intervention Areas SATF fund:

  • Education programs (Material, educational and psychosocial needs)
  • Child protection programs
  • Community Economic Empowerment programs

How Much SATF Funds:

    Grants are awarded on an annual basis, disbursements are made in two instalments. Grants range from Tshs 5 Mil to Tshs 30Mil per year. Partners are allowed to use 20% of the grant for administration activities. SATF considers each grant an investment in the partners’ organization’s institutional growth and development

What SATF does not Fund:

  • Provision of scholastic materials to primary school children.
  • Any project/program whose direct or indirect beneficiaries are not Most Vulnerable Children
  • Construction projects.

How to Apply for Funds:

Implementing Partners are selected through either of the following ways:

  • Call for Letter of Inquiry and Request for a Proposal (RFP)
  • Solicitation of Implementing Partners in the district
  • Call for Letter of Inquiry
  • Depending on availability of funds and donor’s requirements, SATF will advertise for the call of concept note from local NGOs and FBOs working with MVC. At this stage, NGOs/FBOs/CBOs will be given an opportunity to briefly describe their organizations and the program or activities for which they are requesting funding. Specific guideline shall be provided on how to prepare and submit a concept note. The call for concept note will be advertised in the local newspapers and SATF’s websites. The short listed organizations shall be invited to submit a full proposal.

Our Implementing Partners

  • AIDS Outreach Program Nyakato (AOPN)
  • St. Maria Goreth
  • Karagwe Development. Association (KARADEA)
  • Chombating HIV/AIDS in Tanzania (CHATA I & II)
  • Elimu Community Light (ECOLI)
  • Jielimishe Epuka Ukimwi Makambako (JEUMA)
  • Faidika Wote Pamoja (FAWOPA)
  • Ushirika wa Vijana Mwandege (USHIVIMWA
  • Neema Resource Foundation (NEREFO)
  • SAFINA Women Association (SAFINA)
  • Huruma Women Group (HWG)
  • TIKVAH Home
  • Free Pentecostal Church of Tanzania (FPCT)
  • Huruma Women Foundation
  • Lindi Support Agency for Welfare (LISAWE)
  • Nachingwea Women Development Association (NAWODA)


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  • Did you Know There are nearly a total of 8,316 NGOS registered at different levels in the country as of July 2017, these NGOs cut across different issues such as Health, Education, environment, gender, agriculture,

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    • SATF Programme Manager together with students and teachers from Magufuli Primary School during desk distribution ceremony at Chato district in Geita. The desks distribution has been one of the SAFT strategic goal to ensure that the children in schools in Tanzania are able to study well in classes while sitting on desks.
    • Chilala FDC students listening attentively to the SATF Information technology and Maintenance officer on the technical ways of solar system installation which were given as gift from SATF to the FDC centre of Chilala in Lindi.
    • SATF Programme manager Mr Massue together with Ms Alice inspecting unto the nutrition ingredients which are used to produce nutrition porridge to the SATF children beneficiaries in Buhangija centre in Shinyanga.