Loan Portfolio

  • Kays Agency International Limited:
  • Deals with wholesale and retailing of garments, household and electronic appliance, sewing machines, bicycles and farm implements. SATF extended TShs 120m to the company for working capital.

  • Kays Hygiene Products Ltd:
  • Based in Dar es Salaam, the Company manufactures feminine sanitary pads. SATF invested TShs 421m by way of a term loan to finance modification of existing machines and acquire new modern ones.

  • Durban Hotel:
  • Located in Kariakoo, Dar es Salaam offering hospitality and leisure services. The company has constructed a new hotel annex to the existing one to capture budget patrons from within the country and abroad. A term loan of TShs. 500m was approved for the expansion.

  • Laureate International School:
  • Located in Dar es Salaam, it offers Pre-School, primary and secondary school education. The school expansion program involved moving the secondary school, from rented facilities to its own buildings. SATF partly financed this expansion through a medium term loan of TShs. 360m.

  • Edan Hotel Limited:
  • Located in Bukoba town offers tourist standard services in accommodation and catering. The project involved acquisition and refurbishment of adjacent premises for residential purposes including a multipurpose hall and in door games facilities. SATF invested TShs. 115m as medium term loan in the company.

  • IMRA Holding Limited
  • The project is a private limited company operating two farms in Handeni District Tanga, growing mangoes, oranges, maize, passion fruits, vegetables, and keeping a small herd of cattle for domestic and export markets. SATF approved a medium term loan of TShs.100m for the development of the farms and working capital.

  • Foot Loose (T):
  • Based in Dar es Salaam, the Company deals with hand craft products exportation. The company secured a medium term loan of TShs. 100m from SATF to finance exports to USA under AGOA.

  • Regis Engineering and Construction Company Ltd:
  • The company is located in Mbezi Industrial Area, Dar es Salaam. It is involved in designing and manufacturing of various machine components and appliances for domestics and others users. The company secured a working capital loan of TShs 100m.

  • Trade Goods Limited:
  • Based in Dar es Salaam, the company deals with catering services and was offered by the University of Dar es Salaam a three- year services contract to run and provide cafeteria services at Mabibo Hostel. SATF injected TShs 100m for acquisition of a kitchen facility as well as working capital for the company.

  • Mpomabiva Investment Limited:
  • Located in Temeke, Dar es Salaam the company deals with repair and services of heavy duty equipment and supplies spare parts as well. SATF extended TShs 130m to the company’s capital.

  • Walkgard Westland Hotels and Tours Limited:
  • Located in Bukoba Town in Kagera. Offers tourist standard services in accommodation, catering and tour operations. SATF approved a loan of TShs. 300m to the project towards the completion of hotel construction works and for working capital.

  • Filbert Bayi Schools:
  • A medium term loan of Tshs 300m was granted to Filbert Bayi School to enable the school respond to the high demand for quality school in Tanzania through its expansion strategy of constructing a secondary school in Kibaha District.

‘Productive members of the society emerging from transformed MVC’

To support MVC to attain their full potentials through provision of basic services in collaboration with Government, CBO’s and other Development partners

Collaborative, Accountable, Innovative, Cost effective, An agent of social change, Teamwork, Commitment to excellence, Passion and Mutual respect


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SATF through implementing partners support a range of educational projects for vulnerable children and young people in Tanzania who ...
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  • Did you Know There are nearly a total of 8,316 NGOS registered at different levels in the country as of July 2017, these NGOs cut across different issues such as Health, Education, environment, gender, agriculture,

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    • SATF Programme Manager together with students and teachers from Magufuli Primary School during desk distribution ceremony at Chato district in Geita. The desks distribution has been one of the SAFT strategic goal to ensure that the children in schools in Tanzania are able to study well in classes while sitting on desks.
    • Chilala FDC students listening attentively to the SATF Information technology and Maintenance officer on the technical ways of solar system installation which were given as gift from SATF to the FDC centre of Chilala in Lindi.
    • SATF Programme manager Mr Massue together with Ms Alice inspecting unto the nutrition ingredients which are used to produce nutrition porridge to the SATF children beneficiaries in Buhangija centre in Shinyanga.